Spare Keys

Whenever people string together that I am both 6 months pregnant and a fairly-newlywed, they always give me this piteous smirk. The kind of smile that subliminally says, “I didn’t realize I was better than you!” Somehow they all feel it is perfectly acceptable to ask about my marriage. “Are you sure you should have … More Spare Keys

Child of the Corn: Thoughts on the 3D Ultrasound

Currently, according to the vegetable scale someone fashioned, my baby is corn-sized. In truth, I think that this baby-veggie-measuring system is slightly silly (1. Who wants to compare their child to a vegetable? 2. We pump so many GMOs into our crops- is there even an average size any more?), but it’s a useful comparison … More Child of the Corn: Thoughts on the 3D Ultrasound

What DO You Have?

What DO You Have?

A friend shared this article with me this morning from The Atlantic, and I just couldn’t resist posting it on here. This mom’s outlook on life is pretty refreshing and inspirational, as she responds to Anne- Marie Slaughter’s popular article Why Women Still Can’t Have It All with a resounding “I am happy with what I have.” Something we should all think about! Especially in regards to disabled children!

Give it a read!


More What DO You Have?

The Marriage Mystique

Today marks week two whole weeks of picking up someone else’s socks… or being married, as it’s called in the legal spheres. I had always thought marriage would be a sort of natural, easy transition- especially for my husband and I. We were inseparable while we dated. In fact, since we met, I think there … More The Marriage Mystique

Coming Out

As this is my very first blog entry, I thought I would mark it by “coming out” to the world. Here it goes…. I’m 22 and pregnant! It feels so good to publicly release that information for millions of people I’ve never met to have access to. As an unexpectedly expectant mom, there’s nothing quite … More Coming Out