Coming Out

As this is my very first blog entry, I thought I would mark it by “coming out” to the world.

Here it goes…. I’m 22 and pregnant!

It feels so good to publicly release that information for millions of people I’ve never met to have access to. As an unexpectedly expectant mom, there’s nothing quite as liberating as being “OK” with yourself. Most of us young mothers have only just gotten past or were still going through those awkward teenage and college years where we weren’t sure who to spend time with, which boys to date, what to study… It’s like waiting for a seat on a crowded bus, finally getting to sit down, and then having to get off the bus entirely to get on a new one. You can’t win. Being able to talk, or blog, about your feelings and experiences  without feeling ashamed or humiliated is an amazing feeling. You can take off your mask, let everyone know you’re Batman, and get on to finding that person you think you should be.

Though no one has made an MTV show about college-aged girls who unexpectedly conceive and have to change their whole lives around, the experience is quite dramatic. There are some really difficult processes and some tremendously happy ones. I have a small tendency to be over-dramatic about things sometimes, but I will deem my experience thus far as pleasant with a 30% chance of thunderstorm- everyone has their darker days (I’ll write about them later).

Being an expectant mom has taught me many lessons about people, myself, and the world. I hope to connect this knowledge to what I have learned in college and what I see in the classroom. I want to articulate my adventures in this blog in hopes that other people will enjoy it and that I will start to understand motherhood, and life, in a more complete way.

There’s so much room outside of the closet!


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