One Week!

I’m dedicating the title of this blog post to my favorite Barenaked Ladies song to celebrate what I hope is my FINAL WEEK OF PREGNANCY! I wish I could insert something here about how it has been so enjoyable and hasn’t dragged on and on and on… but I will just update you on other … More One Week!

A Short Horror Story

I looked down at my bloody, shredded stomach in terror at what I had done. The skin under my fingernails was testament to the self-inflicted torture imposed at this late hour, where my hazy consciousness might otherwise not come to terms with my actions. I just wanted it to stop, and temporary relief was so … More A Short Horror Story

4 Weeks and Writing

In the pit of my stomach, something rests. I felt it today- heavy, consuming, constant. It’s not my baby. It’s more real to me right now than my baby is in most ways. I’ll try to explain. Yesterday was my baby shower. People I love came from all distances bearing grins and gifts. I received … More 4 Weeks and Writing