Operation Nursery: Phase One

If you were wondering why I have been so slow to post, it is because I have been stuck under a pile of baby clothes for the past few weeks. Finally I have dug myself out (I don’t ever want to see one of those little plastic tags on an article of clothing ever again!!), and I can start blogging again!

With three weeks before my looming due date, which I am sure my baby will ignore, I have started work on my nursery. I spent all day buying organizational things, assembling them, washing clothes, hammering the wall, hanging clothes… and putting together a mobile, which apparently has many more steps than what meets the eye. I thought I would share my hard work with you, since you have taken the time to see what I’m up to!

Here it is! It only took me three hours….

Stay tuned for more, including my personal attempt at artwork…

Some wall art made by my talented sister-in-law! This was literally as straight as I could make it…

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