I’m Back…

I literally have 20 blog drafts that I have started, but every time I sit down to write lately, I am urgently summoned to a crying child/husband. I haven’t had a warm meal since Brady was born.

Motherhood is both everything I expected and everything that surprises me.

Maybe you read that and think “That doesn’t make any sense. She’s losing her mind.” If I could hear you, I would probably agree. I’ve changed a lot since becoming a mother. My system of logic has been lost somewhere amidst a sea of dirty dishes and dirty diapers. I smell like a strange mixture of spit-up and popcorn, though I haven’t eaten any popcorn in recent times. No longer do I wear regular clothes- instead I just change into new pajamas halfway through the day. I only listen to Symphonic Pandora radio and the Les Misérables soundtrack since they relax Brady, so in the rare occasion I take a car ride, the radio sounds foreign. I have gotten up six times as I reach this point in this post, just to hold a pacifier in a baby’s mouth to get him to relax. 40% of my day is spent either holding that pacifier in or feeding the baby who is determined to outgrow all of his clothes by 6 months. I eat cereal for every meal… well, that’s not so different… but as I was spending most of my time by myself when I was pregnant, I am now spending most of it holding an always hungry child in my arms.

Which is a pretty big adjustment. But a pretty amazing one as well.

More will come eventually. Until then, enjoy this photo…



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