Home Alone 2

How large the baby-less apartment has become. When Brady traveled to my mom’s house for the weekend yesterday, I was sad to see him go, but thankful for the rest his absence would provide. But today, as I walk through his first home, something definitely feels missing. The lack of whining, the shortage of smiles, and the silence of the ever-operating swing he loves to sit in resonates a sadness in me- Brady’s not here.

And I am sad about it. What a way to spend my ‘break’.


What do I do with just me? I’m suddenly boring and old. I can’t take the jogging stroller out by itself and go for a run (I guess I could, but I’d look rather insane), and it’s no fun to go alone when it’s so cold out. I could clean- but ew.While I was pregnant I had lots of this kind of time, but I never felt well enough to do anything- and let’s face it- being as huge as I was it was hard to do anything but put food in my mouth. I could read a book now that I have two free hands and un-coveted attention, but what would I read? What am I even interested in? Babies? Bottles? A Pampers Diapers sizing chart?

I seem to have lost myself a bit in a sea of board books and baby blankets. I haven’t had much time to blog lately, which I have loved and missed doing. When the baby is here, sleep trumps every other independent activity. When he’s not…


I think I have some exploring to do.


One thought on “Home Alone 2

  1. So important to keep finding who you are now, Mandy! I went through the same thing after Ada. Just be careful and if you feel like you might be slipping into any sort of postpartum depression, don’t be afraid to get help!! I wasted a lot of time with Ada not realizing I had something clinical going on. 😦

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