The Green Bra

St. Patrick’s Day, and in a college town, you know what that means….

We follow the example of a Christian figure who used aspects of Irish culture to revive the celebrations of Christianity and convert Irishmen and Irishwomen….

By drinking Green Beer and using food coloring in our eggs and ham!

As we went through our Sunday morning motions, we watched several ‘early bird’ coeds  and their “Walks of Shame” to and from bars. Girls and guys stalked the streets, separated from my husband and I only by colored sunglasses and a car seat. And shirts (which separated me from the girl strutting around wearing only a green bra).

A couple of my husband’s longtime friends stopped by unexpectedly with a cooler of beer. I, clutching Brady in my arms, just stared at them, wondering what on earth would compel them to bring cases of alcohol into a tiny apartment where a three-month old child lived. My husband awkwardly explained to them he didn’t want the alcohol around our baby, and that’s when I realized…

…I’m OLD. 

I know his friends were just trying to make a friendly gesture towards my husband, but I thought: There is a distance between me and other people my age. And it’s not even about the alcohol, though certainly I don’t “hit the bars” with any sort of frequency. My friends are worried about school. And jobs. And boys. I worry about Brady. And Brady. And when the heck I should go back to my job. And Brady some more.

But when they left and I really started to think about it… We aren’t so different.

We’re all still trying to figure out who we are.

Now that the neverending checkpoints of school are mostly done, how do we define ourselves? What are we being called to do, and how do we find that out? Young adults everywhere are going through these same explorations- and single, married, childless, or whatever- we are all figuring life out together. Although I don’t drink around my child, or really much at all, I’m not any better or worse than people who are out there having fun.

We’re all finding ourselves in the world and doing the best we can to enjoy every second. Some, by watching their tiny infant sons as they chew on a toy. Others, by adventurously wandering to parties in shamrock-colored lingerie.


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