A Review of Nursing

So if you need a reason to nurse or one day nurse your baby, look no further than the picture below.


Granted, I am not America’s Next Top Model thin, nor have I ever been. And yes, I was sickly my first month after Brady- leaving me unable to eat much other than the occasional frozen fruit. But let me tell you, that belly weight went straight from me to my doubled-chinned four-month old through the miracle of nursing.

Leaving me with a spare tire that I don’t really know how to get rid of. But that’s another story.

I did not have one of those divine moments they describe to you at birthing classes when I first nursed Brady. In fact, I was drugged out of my mind in the aftermath of my C-Section and could barely hold Brady up. But I clumsily tried. And failed. And eventually they took Brady from me and gave the poor kid some food.

When I was more alert, I tried again, and Brady naturally found me and ate (not much, as his stomach was still tiny). But when he jerked around afterwards, I was afraid I had done something wrong.  Nurses, lactation consultants, and doctors all swarmed onto me telling me I wasn’t nursing right, or I had to try a ‘different position’ or that something was wrong with how Brady sucked. Tack that onto the fact that he had an extended hospital stay and had to receive IV antibiotics- and we were both stressed out. It wasn’t until I got home and (dare I say it) actually relaxed that Brady started eating better. I found that the more comfortable I was, the better Brady ate.

Now that he’s growing, I’m so glad that I stuck with it. My advice to any mom-to-be out there is to stick with nursing as long as you can! I know that every woman is different- not everyone will lose weight, or feed pain-free, or have the miraculous ‘baby bonding’. Speaking from experience with an untraditional start with nursing, it does get better.

The biggest thing to keep in mind is that no one, no matter how many years they went to Med School, knows your body better than you do. Your body will respond as best as it can if you let it. So all in all, I guess I would give it 5 Stars.


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