Blogger’s Block

Okay, so I disappeared off the face of the earth for a while. Somewhere between going back to teaching and chasing around a troublemaker on Dennis-the-Menace levels of terrorism, I’ve gotten caught up in the day to day battle that is being a Mommy. So here’s my deep breath, here’s my review. Here are my excuses:

Look at that face. Have you ever seen such wrath in a child?!

1- Brady has mastered the crawl and the climb. Mastered is a light way of putting it- I literally can’t keep up with him. I look down for twenty seconds to text, he’s chewing on my shoes. I brush my hair for a minute, he’s trying to fling himself from the top step of the stairs. I make a phone call about our electric bill, he’s somehow shut himself inside a cupboard and chewing on the cord to the Crock Pot. I take him out of the cupboard and try to move the Crock Pot, and he’s climbed a shelf and is pulling out pages of the Bible. I think I’m going to invest in some security cameras.

2- I trained for, and ran, a half marathon.  I won’t pretend it was a wonderful experience- but completing the 13.1 made me feel like I could still accomplish something if I set my mind to it. Don’t worry though, I still look 5 months pregnant.

3- I went back to work. Well, part time, every other week-ish, but still. I’m trying to pick up as many days as I can. But spending a day with children and then having to go home to take care of your own child? It’s exhausting.

4- Someone made a comment to me about my blog. I won’t go into who, or when, but a very lovely individual commented that “Blogging about being a mom is an overly-abused privilege; no one really cares about your life.” Which is true, I guess. I don’t know why that hurt my feelings so much. When you put part of your life ‘out there’ for other people to see (though I’m pretty sure I don’t get much traffic through here aside from my family members anyway), you hope that at least somehow, someone connects, or feels the same way, or at least enjoys reading about an experience they’ve never had before. But realistically, when I thought back on why I started to blog in the first place, I didn’t do it for “attention”. I didn’t do it even for the people who care about my life. I started this because putting words to my thoughts and feelings helped my new life as a mother make more sense to me. I felt like my experiences had meaning- whether they were just funny or truly life-changing- and I wanted to share what I’ve learned with someone, anyone. I love writing and I love the few times when life actually makes sense. So excuse me.

No really, excuse me. I didn’t hide the power strip well enough and Brady is chewing on it now.


4 thoughts on “Blogger’s Block

    1. I’m honored! People will have their opinions no matter what, so whatever. Now that I don’t have to train to keep up with my mother anymore, I think I should write more during Brady’s naps- if I don’t decide to nap along with him, that is…

  1. Well whoever they are is crazy. Your blog is one of the few I read. AND the only mom blog I read. For people like me, without kids, it’s relieving to hear your honesty (and humor). It helps me think that one day I could potentially be a mom and still be me. A lot of moms out there make it seem like an easy fairy tale life, but none of them show the struggle. So you give me hope. So keep blogging my friend, keep blogging.

    And haters, stop your hating. And if you do hate, then move on…

  2. I have been periodically checking your blog to see if anything new popped up, and during your short hiatus, I found myself re-reading your old posts simply because they are so beautifully written and incredibly truthful. I think your writing helps other people sort out their own feelings as well (especially me!). I agree with Chaunie and Renee, keep it UP, you are very good at this!!!

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