About Mandy

Hi there!

Between re-heating cups of coffee I leave in the microwave and chasing around my small son, I write to keep my sanity. 

 I live in Michigan, where I am almost always too cold, with my very smart husband and very sassy toddler. Although I have a degree in Elementary Education (which does come in handy with my little one), I’ve always been addicted to writing.  I began this blogging journey in a cave-like apartment in 2012, and since then I’ve been spilling my guts about the tough lessons I learn in life to strangers on the internet. It’s been fun– but it’s also been a learning experience full of meaning for me.

Although I write about lots of mom stuff (because, well, that’s what I know), I don’t write specifically for moms. We all have so much in common amid our differences in age, lifestyle, occupation, etc. that it seems wasteful to categorize myself as that. Instead, I like to think that I write stories about life- the happy, sad, struggling, frustrating stuff we all experience at some point in our lives. It is my hope that you smile, nod, or at least relate to what I have to say enough to understand that we have common humanity and we are never alone in what we feel.

The other important stuff? I am NOT too old for Harry Potter and I never will be, I ran a marathon faster than P. Diddy, I’m awful at folding laundry, and I’ve seen Mater’s Tall Tales more times than any human ever should.

Thank you so much for reading & sharing this with me!


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